Monday, May 14, 2012

Restaurant Day 1 Y

Last Saturday was time for the celebration of Restaurant Day's 1st birthday party. Restaurant Day is a one day carnival when people can set up a pop-up restaurant anywhere they wish; in a garden, on a street or sell sandwiches from a basked that will be lowered with a string from a third-floor window -only imagination sets the limits.

On 21st May 2011, the first Restaurant Day attracted over 40 restaurant openers. Personally I was excited about the legal issues of this and how the extremely strict health officials would take the happening. In Finland the officials are famous for their measurements and tight policy. I'd recommend good old Mexican street food for them to realize that the world is not going to die because of 5° too low meat temparature (and that rarely anyone gets sick from that). However, this event has had huge hype among the public and even got rewarded with Finland Award in 2011 by Paavo Arhinmäki, Minister of Culture and Sport.

The next event is this Saturday 19th May 2012 worldwide, unfortunately I will miss that, due to a dear friends birthday party in a summer gottage by the nature and sauna(!). However, some of my up-coming favorites include Smooth'n'Go smoothie bar in old "wooden-Vallila", Helsinki. The coconut-pineapple-ginger smoothie sounds yammy! This is just one example among the manymany options you have! If I would be in Berlin, I would head up to my friends home-restaurant 'Blick Burger' in Neukölln.

Follow the event on International Restaurant Day event on Facebook and see where would you like to pop in or maybe you have an spontanius idea for a restaurant? Sign your restaurant up here (it can be anywhere in the world, be the first one in your country/city/town/street/neighborhood!) Little birds told me that the crew behind the RD really works to spread the idea globally and that the concept of the event will be teached to some agents over the weekend.

Anyway, since this is mainly a photography blog, the post naturally includes fun photos from the party, n'joy! To navigate the photos better, click one and a window will open for you.

Kattilahalli (Voimala) the former boiler hall, Suvilahti, Helsinki

Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland
True . . .

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She's the swan

Wannabe Ballerinas' excellent group work, notice the sneakers!

Restaurant Horror Model: Noora Vauras

Attention for those who fell in love with this stunning necklace (I did!), they can be purchased later on from the designer.

Stunning couple: Anna Maaninen & Tomi Hyyppä (villa nah)

"What did you eat for breakfast?"

Come'n'ride with us!

Wannabe Ballerinas, a group of talented young ballerinas, who might miss some steps or laugh with their golleagues but sure have super good attitude (and excellent music in their performance).

...and the growd enjoyed the positive show.

Wannabe Ballerinas

Arty ballet

Wannabe Ballerinas

She's a lady

Chasing the lights
Helsingin Energia power plant
Timo Santala (man behind Restaurant Day and We <3 Helsinki) said wisely "When people eager their own events, while waiting for another Restaurant Day to come, is not an option, the mission is accomplished."
Husky Rescue: City Lights
We decided to pop out and play a bit with the camera. The models are:
me, Noora Vauras & Ari Kivelä = Heimo <3

Bling Bling who's got the gold (diggers) Model: Noora Vauras 

I love her.  Model: Noora Vauras 

Staring at the ghost Model: Noora Vauras 

It's me! Attaining street credit

I can make it look nice

Suomi 6-0

Happy B-day! May manymany more innovative and life enhancing events like this occur globally!

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