Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Wow, last weekend in Helsinki was incredible! My friend Heidi was an angel for homeless hippies who quickly took over the Töölö residence, hello to hylli & asta <3

The weekend was busy and was covered only with few hours of sleep. Especially on Saturday Helsinki was showing the best street-wise culture with Kallio Block Party (Kallio is the hippiest neighborhood in the city) and its quality music, for example Finnish electro band JESSE, 3 different, Independent Underground parties, in which all I visited and, of course, the Graduation party of my dear disko sisko, Jemina.

Sunday was a holy objection for private cars, which was taken care of two sound systems in the heart of Helsinki, next to Stockmann with some quality drum'n'bass (hei iku <3) and deep minimal techno etc.

Töölö Residence

Sparkling - Keeps You Going

Jemina´s Graduation Party

Harri & Laura @ Jemina´s Graduation Party
Mika @ Kallio Block Party

Minna as Miss Summer

Love is in the air @ Kallio Block Party

Kallio Block Photograph Contest Pic @susannanuutinen

Yam! Kallio Block Party

Touching the ground like a Tiger!


Kallio Make Up Artists!

Kallio Make Up Artists!
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

 A Classic when it was Born

The Tunnel UG (1)

Girls; Noora & Laura
2nd UG: Reggae!

Reggae UG

Reggae fills the Air
A model from Reggae UG

Back to the Tunnel UG ...

Spice Up Your Life!

Helsinki's Esplanade closed!

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